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 #147893  by sdmike300m
I erased my profile and even emailed them to kill my profile, but I still get their spam. Anyone have luck killing a carster account?

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 #147896  by Scott1094
Went through the same procedure and still get email telling me I need to add a car to my profile because my garage is empty. It only happens about once every couple of months. Good luck in your quest and if you succeed let us know what you did.


 #147900  by windowpane
Make a disposable email address, and use that as your 'new' address.

Use this site to make a temporary email address

It will be whatever you choose @spamhole for the selected time and will forward to the email account you specify.

EDIT: I tried this and am still waiting for carster to send the email out to my disposable email address.

 #147944  by windowpane
Okay apparently there is no confirmation from carster required to change the email address so no disposable email is even needed.

I tried my old one it would not work, used the temp one I made it worked fine but I never received anything from carster.

It says you can't vote until you have them send a verification email sent to you and you confirm it but since the point is to not get stuff from them just enter a fake email address and you should be set.