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 #199876  by BigMike60
Each year the Club tries to have at least one "National" level meet in the East, Mid-West, and West. We have not been successful the last few years in the West, but not from the lack of trying by Roger and Paulette. Anyway, at KC, Indy, Detroit, and Carlisle, as more and more younger folks acquire an M, and as our M's age, I have noticed that we are more and more tinkering with our cars on-site at meets, whether its pulling a clock-face change, or trying to fix a latch on a rear window louver.

I think that what should be incorportated into every future National level meet is a turn-a-wrench time, maybe 4 hours on the first day, [so if more time is needed for a repair/mod it will be available], and this should be an agenda item rather than a hit and miss proposition. This assumes that at a particular meet we will have a place that will let us do repairs, and someone like Cory, Don, Bob, Stan, or Bill P. with good hands-on experience, and the nominated jobs are not outrageous in scope. Course early arrivers, like on a Friday afternoon, could head up such an effort too. This is just food for thought, but some of the experts could help save some of the younger folks some bucks if the effort was a formalized part of the weekend program. For example, just watching Bob or Stan take apart some piece of their machines in a show and tell would be helpful to those of us less talented.
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 #200810  by 300maximilien
This is a great idea as well. Shouldn't be too hard to make it work.
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 #200814  by 300man86
Great idea mike.
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 #200830  by alandw
I'll second that - some fix-it time and time to learn would be great.
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 #200874  by rogor2k
If this benefit were promoted along with the meet itself, I would bet that more folks would attend just for the fixit time.

Good thinking Mike! :!: :!: :!:
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 #200875  by YardleyBill
As a somewhat new member and someone who has never been to a meet, I'm amazed someone else would even work on my car, let along have time devoted to it.

What a great club! :)
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 #201117  by Carfan77
I was truly humbled a few years ago at Carlisle when several folks in the Club replaced a bad speed sensor in my car and I wasn't even there. Wow, what a great bunch! I would happily return the favor.