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 #200296  by mralex714
I can not see the first post on any subject. What do I need to change?
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 #200301  by EasyRider300M
I think you may be referring to the mouse over feature of the last BB software. We are not presently using that feature on the new software. I found it very distracting and problematic.
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 #200305  by alandw
I actually got used to it and finally found it useful to do a quick scan down new posts. Any plans to bring that feature back??
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 #200317  by EasyRider300M
I know several members had problems with that past version---not sure whether it will work properly with the new version. i'm sure Tim or Dan can respond better to this question.

Here our some comments about the hover feature we had on the last version of the bulletin board: ... r&start=90
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 #200318  by Red Baron
Personally I hated it and found it so distracting that I did not want to even visit the forums for a while.
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 #200328  by 300maximilien
I liked the hover feature.
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 #200332  by EasyRider300M
the last version had some flaw in it where the post would stay open so you couldn't see the other topics unless you refreshed the page--very distracting and time consuming. We'll wait for Tim or Dan to give more input.
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 #200357  by Timbo
I have not seen the Hover MOD for phpBB3. I havn't really even looked for any MODS yet. I have no plans to install any MODS for at least another month. Most of the MODS that we had in phpBB2 are standard in our current version so there probably wont be to many that we will add. MODS are created by other phpBB3 users and sometimes the code can cause problems once installed. This is due to poorly written code.

I want to be sure that the forum is running properly for a while as well as our hosting provider is not seeing any issues that they saw before our upgrade. The key thing here is patience.
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 #230858  by Eclipse97z
Hey, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right topic or not. I was wonder if the forum will go mobile for I-phone or EVO? Perhaps it already has and I haven't discovered it. However, I tried to search for the forum using Tapatalk (EVO) but could not find it. Am I doing something wrong or is this forum not available for it? Thank you in advance:D
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 #230861  by EasyRider300M
I get it on my G-3 base nokia phone though it's painfully slow

I've tried it on an iphone and it works great.
 #230865  by Eclipse97z
EasyRider300M wrote:I get it on my G-3 base nokia phone though it's painfully slow

I've tried it on an iphone and it works great.
What forum app are you using?
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 #230869  by EasyRider300M
I didn't load any ap--just inputted the site
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 #230940  by alandw
Yes - just
I use this from my Windows Mobile 6.1 - a lot of panning and scrolling as I do not have a full size screen - but it does work.
You can read and answer PM's as well as post.