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 #236212  by Bill Putney ... ars-later/

From the Chicago Sun Times article quoted in the artricle:

Bill Ayers denied emeritus status at UIC

Son of RFK - now U. of I. board chair - rips prof for dedicating book to his father's assassin

When retiring University of Illinois at Chicago professor Bill Ayers co-wrote a book in 1973 [sic], it was dedicated in part to Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin of Robert F. Kennedy.

That came back to haunt Ayers when the U. of I. board, now chaired by Kennedy's son, considered his request for emeritus status Thursday. It was denied in a unanimous vote.

Before the vote, an emotional Chris Kennedy spoke out against granting the status to Ayers.

"I intend to vote against conferring the honorific title of our university to a man whose body of work includes a book dedicated in part to the man who murdered my father, Robert F. Kennedy," he said.

"There is nothing more antithetical to the hopes for a university that is lively and yet civil, or to the hopes of our founding fathers for their great experiment of a self-governing people, than to permanently seal off debate with one's opponents by killing them."
 #236233  by Tarheel
Isn't Bill Ayers Obama's buddy?
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 #236236  by Bill Putney
He held Obama's first fund raiser, worked with him in his community activist work, and was on several speaking engagements with BHO over the years. He is not that much different than the many people that Obama has put into our government by appointment, except for some politically inconvenient facts. If it were possible to have made Ayers a tsar of some type without it being public knowledge that he, unrepentently, had crossed that line of having personally been involved in planting bombs, killing cops, and planning internment camps and mass executions of "those who were resistant to being indoctrinated" with Marxist/Socialist philiosophy when the new order was established in the U.S., he probably would now be a tsar or other government appointee. Those things in themselves would not have been a problem - only that they were made public knowledge.

But make no mistake - such lines having been crossed are no problem in academia - in fact they can be considered to be enhancements to your resume - oh, excuse me - to your curriculum vitae. That same despicable person *has* been allowed to hold a position in a major university (planning the future of education for our school children if you can believe that) to the point that now he is drawing retirement, and if it were not for Chris Kennedy's happening to be the board chair at U of I and having personal objections due to Ayer's idiocy having personally touched his father, Ayers would also now have emeritus status (whatever that is).
 #236237  by 300Michael
Too bad it took so long in comming. Most of these (so called) professors, tend to know nothing. Ask New Jersey. They came out with their Rich man's Tax. In doing so, not only lost the projected 300+ Million, but lost an actual 200+ million dollars in state revenue. Even most of Obama's economic university advisors have quit (after failing) to go back to their old jobs. If I had a university would I hire these guys (and gals), Hell No. (back to topic) While never a fan of the Kennedy's (my Grandmother was, because he was Cathlic) because of his personal actions (liked his tax cut). But this does hold out hope. Just wish it were done, by the board for the more obvious reasons.
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 #236248  by rogor2k
What goes around comes around. Couldn't happen to a nicer domestic terrorist. :eek :eek

Karma is a B***H!