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Join us for an amazing weekend of fun at the 2024 Chrysler Nationals. This is our largest meet of the year!

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 #343772  by mopar39426ml
FIREM wrote:Favorite Memory Carlisle 2004 My first Carlisle "Most Clean Award" 8)

And my Nemisis winning two awards :twisted:
Who are these kids? :lol:
My question is why in the hell is there a Supra at Carlisle?
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 #344234  by M-Pressive
Great pictures Bob! After 11 years it still never gets old to participate in Carlisle.

It will be here before you know it!
 #344359  by 00R/T
I have way too many.

Scott winning the Max Wedge in the rain on Sunday after mostly everyone had left

Doing the test drives they had set up. I remember riding with somebody while they tested the hill descent control on a Patriot or one of the other small Jeeps, and riding shotgun when Bobby stopped right in front of one of the staffers, waited for them to turn around, and proceeded to melt the tires off a 300C.

A Cummins Ram maxing out the dyno and tweaking its frame from the torque

Getting completely confused by the PA alcohol situation as I saw mentioned previously.

And so many more.
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 #393888  by FIREM
OK Gang, this is a mandatory read for those attending Carlisle 2023. Must read the entire thread and plan to update it upon returning home from the show.
This topic has been dormant since 2015 and a lot has changed since then!
Enjoy the trip down memory lane .
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 #393892  by LUNAT1C
Definitely a ride down memory lane. I forgot about the year I set off from my apartment at o'dark:thirty with a barely assembled audio system.

More recently favorite memory is choosing to stay Sunday night for a relaxed dinner and evening with anyone else doing the same, as opposed to rushing out of the showfield Sunday afternoon for the 9 hours back to Detroit. Doing that again!
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 #394003  by FIREM
OK I'll go in, newest Carlisle Memory
It really starts in OC MD 2004 meeting Tim & Kelly Steward and their two little girls, Elizabeth & Emily. So cute in their car seats. Then Carlisle 2004 enjoying the faMily again.
A few years later Sean was added to the FaMily. and we became buddies.
Fast Forward to OC 2017
One Happy Kid !!
"Someday I let you drive FIREM"
Carlisle 2018 "Mr. Bob take me over to the Thrill Rides." (I'm trying to clean my car but he is relentless) "The Line is real short" SO we did it........
Somehow Sean made sure I was awarded 'Kids Choice" that year
2023 Carlisle Lifetime Memory created, promise fulfilled.
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