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Club Members:

Thank you all for actively participating in our club forum. As you probably know the forum is a wealth of information and our member base is invaluable. We encourage all members to become familiar with our rules and forum etiquette before posting. In doing so, our hope is to ensure the forum remains as organized and productive as possible. The following are a few simple reminders for all members who have become active on our forum:

Always remember you can use the search feature of the forum to find information relevant to your inquiry. Many times threads are created when the topic was covered in detail in an existing thread.

Make all posts meaningful. Sometimes reaction images are okay, but please supplement these with meaningful content. It is always appreciated to include grammar and punctuation into posts.

Make sure posts are relevant to the topic. If you feel the need to start a new thread, please do so.

Please read the rules and terms of service. Avoid vulgarities and disguised vulgarities. Also, certain boards like the Buy/Sell/Trade board have rules that will be enforced. Be knowledgeable of them before posting.

Use the Private Message feature of our forum when appropriate. This avoids creating clutter.

Create threads in their appropriate boards. This helps us remain organized.

Adhering to these guidelines and the rules helps ensure our forum functions as best as it can, and continues to be a great asset of this club for our current and following generations of members.

Please PM any member of the BOD if you have a question.

2013 BOD