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A place to discuss different tools we use to keep our cars running.

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 #324331  by 300maximilien
Winner, winner.... chicken dinner! Birthday present from my Parents. They are the best parents a guy could ask for! And they know tools are like toys for a baby to me!!

These are sweet and a must have for a shade-tree mechanic!

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 #324348  by JoeKD
I picked up the craftsmen set of these (no local lowes) about a year ago

They have proved themself helpful a few times already
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 #324352  by Bill Putney
Looks like a nice set!
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 #324361  by mabraham
Cool stuff, a great reinvention of the ratchet. There's nothing like getting a long lasting quality tool set as a gift.
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 #324443  by Brando26
I got a cheap set of these for my wifes jeep after xmas when they were marked down at sams club. Good stuff.
 #337907  by Z300M
Would this work for the nut at the top of the front strut on the 300M instead of having to use either the special tool or an oxygen sensor wrench?

Edit: After further research, I have come to the conclusion that, even if this set includes a 22mm socket (I think that is the size of the nut, and I can't see a description on the Lowes Web site of what size sockets are included), a Craftsman "Max Axess" 6-point socket probably will be better, at least for rusted nuts or bolts.

Edit #2: I bought a set of Craftsman "Max Axess" sockets that includes 22mm, but it is the "universal" (i.e., spline) variety and fits only rather loosely on the strut nut (not much to choose between the 22mm and the 7/8" in fact). The 22mm 6-point was not a stock item and fits only a 1/2" ratchet handle, whereas my set contains only 1/4" and 3/8" handles.

Further edit: But I just discovered that there is a 7/8" 6-point bit that fits the 3/8" handle.