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 #339791  by robg619
anything i show look out for on removing front seats 02 special?
also seats have no power/ how or what wires to get power to i can move the seats to get access to bolts?
seats are coming from a 300m from the yard
im about to swap them out with black ones, i assume is pretty straight foward? thanks
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 #339793  by Strmvt
Not really just 4 bolts
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 #339797  by hrmwrm
just be careful. they can be seized and break the clips trying to undo them.
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 #339813  by Strmvt
No clips to be broken. Nuts are welded to the floor
 #339933  by nokestev
Good question, as I am looking for a Special but want the more comfortable seats of the regular M, so I would do this seat swap. Nice to know it's not a big chore. Might want to consider swapping out the rears also.
 #340244  by nokestev
I just bought a base M so guess I don't have to worry about that.
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 #340245  by 300maximilien
I use a wire harness end attached to wires....then you can plug into the seat harness and power up with a cordless drill battery

Also Paul the front bolts on the front seats ARE clip nuts... Always use penetrating oil