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A place to discuss different tools we use to keep our cars running.

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 #366638  by 00R/T
I have a lot of tools that come in handy for different things, but occasionally there's something that really stands out. Lately that has been my new Milwaukee cordless ratchet. It's been one of those "How did I live without this?" sort of things.

I have a few nice air ratchets, but I found I rarely used them. A lot of the times when they'd come in handy I just didn't feel like dragging an air hose around.

I have both small and large cordless impact guns, but the form factor and the fact that they are only useful under power makes them suitable only in certain circumstances. With the ratchet, it can be used like a regular ratchet without activating the power. This means you can apply extra torque to brake a fastener loose, and then engage the motor to zip it off.

I opted to go with the 3/8" model over the 1/4" because it has a bit higher max torque and is the same overall size. It also includes an adapter to go down to 1/4", so I think it's the better choice.

In summary - awesome tool and a great addition to the arsenal of anyone who spends a decent amount of time turning wrenches. It's not cheap at $150, but I have "regular" ratchets that cost more, so I think it's a good value. Check it out! ... ss/2457-21
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 #366654  by adu1982
Thanks for the tip....that will be my next buy....looks awesome never thoguht about them much and kept looking at compressor. If i can speed taking out bolts i could get more stuff done faster. I use my drill sometimes but its too big....this looks like it will fit in a lot of places. I think this will be my next tool before i look at making some room in the garage for a big compressor.
Great tip....

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 #366655  by 00R/T
For screws I have a small impact driver I use. It's much better than using a drill, but this will work for a broader range of stuff. I went back and forth between Bosch and Milwaukee and ended up going with the Bosch. They haven't really come out with much else in their 12v line though so I wish I'd gone Milwaukee from the jump. I'm going to stick to their stuff going forward. It's nice having interchangeable chargers and batteries.
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 #366752  by 300maximilien
I bought a 1/4" Rigid for like $30..... Absolutely love it. I've been thinking of looking​ for a 3/8