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 #384351  by First Lady
Oh yeah, can’t wait to get it hung up!
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 #384371  by LUNAT1C
I can't wait to get the 100th running lobby poster from the Indy Meet that year hung up in my office! Maybe once the garage has been drywalled and everything has a place on the walls, I'll figure out some flag hangings in there. Need an Indy flag and a club flag if I can get one!
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 #386997  by First Lady
Honestly, we talk about John all the time!!! And I want so badly to believe in signs from those who are no longer with us, but I just haven’t received many personally. Today, I did!!!

We were going to treat ourselves to picking up breakfast sandwiches at a local cafe and needed to check the air in the tires before we left. Out to the garage pumping away and freezing our hands off. As Keith got to the 4th tire and prepared to move on to check my car, I remembered he had installed the new LED lights I had given him for Christmas so I walked back in, just a few steps within the overhead door. The wind was swirling between the side door and the overhead, enough that the flags on the far side of the garage, right where I was standing to look at the lights, were billowing. The Indy flag got such an even gust that it floated right off the nails that it hangs from and landed right on top of me!!!!

If that wasn’t a big hug from John, I don’t know what it!!!!!!!

Love and miss you too John!!
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 #386998  by In-trepid
I too think of John a lot and the last time I seen and worked with him in Indy almost a year ago coming up in February. I guess that what gets to me is how happy and excited he was when we last met. With Corona Virus and the inability to properly say good bye, it seems that he is still active within my memory and almost daily thoughts, especially as I log on to this forum. He is missed by all.
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 #386999  by FIREM
Think about "Johnny" and family regularly, and miss them all dearly. I am reminded daily as I go out to work in my garage/man cave. Hoping to see you all in May for a reunion, group hug and shed a few tears for our friend.
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 #387003  by LUNAT1C
Same. I still haven't hung the 100th running meet poster, as I haven't found bookshelves I like that aren't super expensive (need ensure everything is center on the wall!), but John and Indy always have a presence in my mind. Can't wait to see everyone again.
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 #387876  by First Lady
I don’t believe it’s been a year. I also don’t want to.

Today I sport my John club shirt to have him extra close. Got to say it was a debate this morning between it and my IMS shirt as today the gates open to the public. The best possible ‘fashion crisis’ to have!!

As I sit work in front of a window overlooking the front porch roof, I’ve been watching the families of cardinals that stay close to our new home. They say cardinals symbolize the presence of a loved one no longer living. While I know John continues to be busy caring for his family and watching over them, he’s with each of us in many ways. And always will be!!

To say he’s missed is an understatement, but today I will celebrate and remember the amazing memories in my heart!
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 #387877  by LUNAT1C
I can't help but think today is the first glorious day we've had so far in May. Warm, sunny, cloudless, only minor breezes. Could do without my blue Jeep turning green and white Durango turning yellow, but I guess we can't have everything. It always happens on sombre anniversaries.

If Landshark was available here I might have one tonight instead of my typical end-of-the-week celebratory IPA. Perhaps a glass of Crown tonight.
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 #387878  by FIREM
Hoisting one to toast John right now. I have been wearing my Indy hat and shirts lately “just because” but today it is Special to be Indy’d up. Think of John and family regularly and miss him dearly today.
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 #387880  by FIREM
So my daughter showed up with this today
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 #387881  by Sneke_Eyez
I had a Crown on ice last night in honor of John. (The first time I've had it since last July...)
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 #387887  by LUNAT1C
Sneke_Eyez wrote: May 15th, 2021, 9:04 am I had a Crown on ice last night in honor of John. (The first time I've had it since last July...)
Ditto. And... Ditto. First one since the zoom meet last July.
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 #390831  by First Lady
Two years later, it hasn’t gotten any easier. Every few days John is a part of a conversation and I love it. Even my dad was saying to us this week that a John comes up for him weekly. His legacy lives on as we celebrate him!!!

Miss you so much John!! <3
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 #390832  by FIREM
Wow 2 years has gone by and still have daily thoughts about John and family. Going to be bitter sweet to go out to Indy this year and not be physically with John.
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 #390833  by In-trepid
Same here. I think about John a lot and the last time we were in Indy working on Amber's car with Amber, Nick, John, and myself just a couple of months prior to his untimely passing. John was such a nice person and I'd be confident to say that everyone who ever met him and especially those who worked on the cars with him greatly miss him. I'm looking forward to getting to Indy one of these days, either in a couple weeks or next year, to pay my respects at the brick in his honor at his favorite place.
 #390834  by BigMike60
Had to pass on the GP today. Gave my seats away to some friends. Hope to see John’s brick at the 500 in 2 weeks. Have yet to see it in person, but hoping its a “go” soon.
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 #390835  by DDTOP
Missing John along with the rest you but I do believe it’s been 2 years even though it feels like forever! Such a wonderful man! Looking forward to seeing Barb and family and paying our respects at his bricks at the place he loved so much! We will never forget you, John! ❤️
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 #390836  by LUNAT1C
Whether it's two years or three, it's too many and feels like a million.
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 #390837  by sparky99
I often think of John. I didn't know him as much as some others, but that did not matter one bit. John was such a nice guy. He embodied what this club is all about. He will forever be missed by anyone who met him. Rest in Peace friend. We shall see you again someday. Until then.