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 #389045  by HelLRaiseR
Hi all,

I'm Fernando, from Guadalajara, Spain, and I've buyed a 300M 2.7 liters with 135K kmts. (about 85K miles) two monts ago. The car is very fine and run in very good confdition except that two weeks ago appear the typical problem of the headlight switch.

And now, I've looking for a solution.


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 #389046  by LUNAT1C
Welcome, Fernando!

Can you tell us what the issue is with the headlight switch? Whenever folks here have had issues there were two solutions. First is to rotating the switch back and found several times a bit quickly. Doing so cleans the contacts and might help it work better. Same for the dimmer wheel if the issue is with the interior lights.

Second is to simply replace it, easy to find in a junkyard or on eBay.
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 #389051  by HelLRaiseR

It's the typicall issue, when the car is closed the interior lights doesn't switch off and the batery will drained.

I had rotated the switch up and downseveral times, but this system only work the two or three first times.

I've cleaned the contacts and I've dismounted the part, clean and mounted again, but the problem continues.

I bougth three parts in eBay and junkyards, but all of them fails. I made all procedures with this parts, I think thats it's impossible to find a working part. All parts that I've found has more mileage than my car and the fail is due to use and this part has a continuous use.

Now, I use one that only fails with one light, it's very curious, but when I close the car, only the rear left light are switch on, the rest was switch off, but I don't use the car very much and the batery will drained finally

I've found a new aftermarket part, but this is for the american model (whitout rear fog light and headlights height control) . I've thinking to replace the twiligth control of the european part with the american part, and maybe the main switch to havethe auto lights. I think that this works with a modification in the switch bacause the sensor is installed in all cars.

Really I don't know what more I can to do. Any other idea?

Thanks for your help. It's very appreciated
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 #389063  by LUNAT1C
Might seem silly, but with the replacement switch that now leaves the left rear reading light on, did you click the left rear reading light to ensure the switch wasn't active? If so, perhaps that switch is also bad and needs replacement (haven't heard of it happening, but at almost 20 years old now it wouldn't surprise me).

Not many of us have experience with the European style headlight switches, but we do have some active members from France (REMI in particular), Germany, Netherlands, Poland, etc. who might know if they can be rebuilt with components from North American switches. I have a few NA switches, but I've never taken them apart. My only concern would be if the headlamp level control wheel shares a PCA with the interior/indicator light wheel and headlamp/foglamp switch. That would be challenging.

Hopefully some of our Euro members can comment their experience.
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 #389069  by In-trepid
Remi (from France) did a great YouTube video on rebuilding the light switch assembly.

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 #389070  by HelLRaiseR
Thanks for this great video. I dismounted one of the switches, but I don't knew where could was the problem. Now it's very much clear