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 #389317  by M-Pressive
Hey everyone,

I hate typing these types of messages up.

Hank Waite (mnitetrain) passed away on June 3rd, 2020. His daughter reached out to me over the weekend and informed me of his passing (not related to COVID). ... =196324892

I am amazed at the impact we all have on each other. His obituary mentions the club and Ocean City.

We are so much more then a car club. We added Hank to our memorial page as well.

Rest Easy Hank
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 #389318  by First Lady
Another hard one for the club! I love the memories I have of Hank…the laughs shared, stories swapped.

My heart hurts for his family, for us, and for all the lives he impacted!!

May you Rest In Peace Hank; you are missed!!
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 #389319  by LUNAT1C
I always wondered about Hank at each meet that he couldn't make, including this past Carlisle, hoping he's doing alright. Very saddening that he is no longer with us, and no doubt he will be missed dearly by all who had the pleasure of meeting him.

It's also rather alarming to think he was my mother's age, and one year younger than my father, with the health issues they've had in recent years.

RIP Hank!
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 #389323  by FIREM
Rest Easy, Million Mile Mnitetrain, Rest Easy.
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 #389325  by sparky99
Aww man. I hate to hear this. I always liked talking to Hank at Carlisle. Good guy. Gone too soon. Rest easy Hank.
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 #389327  by Sneke_Eyez
RIP Hank! It was a pleasure to be able to love these LH cars with you!

It was about 9 months before his death that I last spoke with Hank.
There were nights, years ago, when he would call me when he was "on the road" working his medical delivery job and we would chat about cars.
He always wanted to pick my brain about the cars, and car photography, even when I was basically just a kid (17, 18, 19 years old), he always treated me with a lot of respect.
I always appreciated that from him.
He also was the source (told by him usually!) of many good Hank-based stories that I smile widely thinking back on now.
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 #389330  by M-Pressive
Many years ago (2004) Hank, his wife and I caravanned down to Ocean City for a club event in the middle of the night.

We used walkie-talkies to communicate and keep each other awake. I remember coming over a hill that night to a road filled with deer. We both slammed on our brakes but it was pretty scary.

He also helped us transport the club food to Carlisle the first year Lindsey and I ran it.

He was always willing to help out and lend a hand.
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 #389332  by monte4
So sorry to see another of our members passing. RIP.
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 #389333  by EasyRider300M
I was missing Hank on our forums for quite awhile and was hoping he was ok. Sorry to hear this news. I remember speaking with Hank at our 2006 Carlisle meet. Great guy. Our cars are 2002 was manufactured 18 1/2 years ago. As our cars age, so do our members. I am one of the senior members here - a member since August of 2001.
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 #389334  by InfernoRedM
Was wondering about Hank. He was a good guy. Hank was the next owner of my signature Inferno Red M. We drove it to Massachusetts from Pittsburgh for him as part of the turnover agreement (28+ MPG for that trip!). At that time, we met Hank's wife and daughter. Needless to say, Hank was a great caretaker of his 300Ms. Can't put as many miles on as he did if he wasn't. Prayers for his family's loss.