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  • 2022 Board of Directors Nomination Process —CLOSED—

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 #389937  by M-Pressive
Fellow Members,

As written in the club Bylaws, during the months of January and February we will hold a club-wide Internet election to select the 2022 Board of Directors (BOD).

The BOD is open to any active club member that meets the requirements as set forth below. These requirements are from the club bylaws, Article IV, section 4.3.

- Member must have at least 12 months of continuous membership as of the date that they have submitted their name as a potential nominee.

- Members must demonstrate a commitment to the goals and objectives of the Corporation.

- Member must agree not to assume any Leadership position with any other LH club after he/she is elected a Director of the Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club, and for as long as he/she holds the position of Director.

- If Member currently holds a position of authority or responsibility in any other of the current Chrysler LH car club organizations as outlined in the Conflicts of Interest Section 4.9, Member must demonstrate a commitment to the Corporation and maintain that commitment throughout his/her term.

- Member must not have demonstrated any past actions that had the intent of negatively prejudicing other Members or damaging the integrity or reputation of the Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club.

- Member must not have received any warnings via email from the Board of Directors during the past twelve months. Warnings given by the forum warning system WILL NOT automatically disqualify the member and these types of warnings will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.

An official request for nominations will be sent via email in the next few days. Feel free to submit your nomination now or you can wait for this email. More information about this nomination process is toward the end of this post.

Please consider volunteering to help continue our club. Through your dedication, you must be responsive to email and requested duties. Becoming a Director and/or an Officer requires that you remain an active member and uphold the serious commitment of time and effort needed to help the club throughout the year.

The Board as a whole makes specific decisions related to the direction of the club, budgets, meets, and various issues that arise. Any member can suggest something that we should address. It is all accomplished through periodic Web-meetings, but mostly through e-mails. Each board member volunteers to take on certain activities throughout the year. Others help plan and execute meets. The duties therein are flexible as to who does what; you just have to be willing to step up, say "I'll do that" and follow through with getting it done. The Board positions involve good communication with the rest of the group, and active participation in the club.

The Officer positions are defined in the bylaws but are outlined as the following:

The Treasurer manages all club related finances. Tasks include but are not limited to processing payments for meet related expenses, charitable gifts, reimbursements, and operating expenses. The Treasurer manages all income from merchandise sales, memberships, etc. This person also administers the club database area of new members and renewals by confirming that individuals are paid to date. The Treasurer’s term is now a two year commitment; you must be willing to assume all responsibilities for two service terms. This position is not open in 2022.

The Secretary manages all clerical aspects of the club. They keep meeting minutes, do research on various club issues, maintain certain club records, and processes new member packets.

The Vice-President provides backup to the President, substituting for him/her when necessary. Over the past few years the VP has handled the social media, club photos, the Ride of the Month program, meet planning, and has helped with general club oversight.

The President leads and manages the overall affairs and direction of the club. He/she makes sure tasks are being accomplished and the necessary work is being completed by the responsible board members. He/she makes the 'final call' when a decision needs to be made (though for most issues, the Board votes make decisions as outlined in the bylaws). He/she prepares the draft budget for the coming year and oversees appropriate budgetary spending. The President also supports the club at all times, takes responsibility for all aspects of the club, and represents the club in all areas. He/she responds personally to the many questions from club members and others as well as represents the club at events.

If you are interested in nominating yourself the process is very simple. All you need to do is send an email to indicating that you would like to be considered as a nominee for the 2022 Board of Directors. Once I receive all the nomination requests within the timeline set forth below, I will review the candidate's eligibility per the club Bylaws.

Once eligibility status is determined an email will be sent confirming status with additional instructions.

Please direct any questions that you may have regarding the BOD or this process to myself or any current Director. We are eager to discuss your interest and provide insight about what the role takes.

Thank you and good luck to those that wish to nominate themselves for the BOD. Your future contributions are greatly appreciated.

Time Line for Election Process
01/19/22 9:00PM EST Nominations Close
01/26/22 9:00PM EST Campaign Speech Thread will open for Candidates if needed.
02/02/22 9:00 PM EST Polls will OPEN for Election if needed. Every Qualified Active Member will be notified via email.
02/09/22 9:00 PM EST Polls will CLOSE

Once the final vote is tallied and verified the results will be posted.

We will then move on to the officer election for the 2022 Board of Directors. Please feel free to send questions to me or any other board member.
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 #389993  by M-Pressive
About half way through the nomination process. Light numbers so far.

Consider joining the BOD is 2022 and helping guide the club forward!
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 #390005  by M-Pressive
We are now up to 6 people.

The BOD needs to have an odd amount of people on it.

We need at least one more person to step up and help guide the club.
 #390007  by 00R/T
M-Pressive wrote:We are now up to 6 people.

The BOD needs to have an odd amount of people on it.

We need at least one more person to step up and help guide the club.
I’d be honored to offer my help. I’ll read up on the proper process as soon as I get home and submit my name.
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 #390009  by First Lady
00R/T wrote:
M-Pressive wrote:We are now up to 6 people.

The BOD needs to have an odd amount of people on it.

We need at least one more person to step up and help guide the club.
I’d be honored to offer my help. I’ll read up on the proper process as soon as I get home and submit my name.
Love this!!!!!! Yay!!!!
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 #390012  by M-Pressive
Thanks Steve!

Added you to the list.
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 #390056  by M-Pressive
The nomination process has now closed.

We have 7 people who have stepped up and offered their time to help guide the club forward. This includes one new person!

More to come this weekend.
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