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 #391542  by Sneke_Eyez

The ROM Committee wants to honor a faithful Club Member and attendee of Carlisle who was there for the 2022 Chrysler Nationals - Joe Daley (joesnicecars)!

Joe will be featured on the September 2022 page of the club calendar!

Name: Joseph Daley
Forum Name: Joesnicecars
Member Number: 2436
Location: Cicero, NY
Car Specifications: 2003 Dodge Intrepid Police Package

Let's all congratulate Joe on winning the September Ride of the Month!

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 #391543  by Joesnicecars
Very humbled, thank you! This car, along with being my first car, is the reason I’ve met so many of you. Over the years, watching it crumble into dust has been difficult, but I knew the day would come that it would need more work than could realistically be put into it. I’m happy it made it to Carlisle one more time, and it certainly won’t be my last time back. With (hopefully) or without an lh.
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 #391545  by First Lady
Yay, congrats Joe! Really nice to see it for one last hora. They all will reach that point some day and it's the friendships that will keep us coming back LH or not. Plaque will be in the mail tomorrow!
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 #391551  by M-Pressive
It was great to see you again!

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 #391557  by FIREM
Congrats Joe! Great to see you, and your Cop Car again. I
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 #391567  by Sneke_Eyez
Joe, it was great to see you and your Intrepid there at Carlisle! If I see any nice Intrepids in the area I'll let you know!