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 #393891  by FIREM
While it is a week early to start this thread Let the Fun Begin!
We are traveling to NJ to visit family pre Carlisle so I had to prepare in advance.
Traditionally the last thing to do as prep is to install you Carlisle Credentials and I do have a reputation to uphold, so....
Couple of coats of Zaino, stickers applied, travel starts in the AM !
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 #393894  by First Lady
Safe drive and enjoy the family time! See you next week!
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 #393900  by LUNAT1C
Safe travels Bob, try not to spoil the grandkids too much!

My tradition is to apply the Carlisle sticker in the hotel parking lot Thursday night, those stickers seem to fade pretty quick.

I used to remove last years sticker at the same time, now I do that when I get back before the next show so I can save the sticker.

Oh and I think I have a use for those little medallion stickers Carlisle has been sending out for years... in true Bob Day fashion, I found a permanent blemish on my windshield in the upper passenger corner. :lol:
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 #393917  by Sneke_Eyez
Prep looks much different for me this year given our daughter having been born just about a month ago. I used to think I didn't ever have enough time to prep for the show due to work - I don't know what I was thinking - I had plenty compared to this!

On Saturday, Jimmy and Suzanne came by to help load a transmission into the trunk of the Special for delivery to a member at the show. We also washed and I vacuumed the car.

Yesterday afternoon my mom came over and helped with the baby for a bit and I found two and a half hours to absolutely blitz on the Special:
Polished a few scratches - not nearly enough time for all of them!
Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Waxed the entire car. Just one coat, that's all I had time for!
Cleaned the interior and conditioned the leather (which is still sitting on it, giving it extra time to soak in).
Rainxed the windows.
Treated the window trim with the black treatment from Griots.

Today it poured and we had plans with family, but all that is left is to shine up the tires, give the engine a light cleaning, and call it ready to go!

Then I need to turn to the Intrepid, which needs three things:
1) Vacuuming
2) Oil Change
3) To have the microphone cord from the UConnect mirror to my Kenwood headunit that Robert Knapp built for me installed.

Hopefully I can get those things done, and pack, on Wednesday/Thursday. We'll see!

My attendance this year at Carlisle will look a little different given that I have a new baby, I'll be leaving MA late Thursday night, driving overnight and arriving Friday morning directly to the showfield. Then I'll be heading home on Sunday morning leaving around 10:00AM, unfortunately missing any late morning/afternoon and Sunday night festivities so that I can arrive home to my baby girl before it gets too late (and so I can prepare to head back to work from paternity leave on Monday morning :shock: ).
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 #393918  by M-Pressive
We washed the truck tonight and tucked it in the garage. Packed a bunch of stuff in the back.

Swapped in some black lugs the other day.

Not much left for to do tomorrow except pack some stuff to wear.

Plan on driving 9 or so hours Wed and finishing up on Thursday.
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 #393919  by LUNAT1C
Weird year indeed for prep. Normally I'm scrambling Wednesday night putting the car back together and wrapping up cleaning on the showfield.

Instead, I'm sitting here watching movies while the car is cleaned, decon'd, polished, ceramic coated, annual maintenance done, mods done, interior vacuumed/extracted/cleaned/treated, and trunk packed.

Even got some graphene VRT applied to 75% of the weatherstripping, waxed the windows, and restored the driver's seat with leather crack filler and fresh dye.

More packing is needed, mainly checking I have all my supplies and pack personal items, and once I get the car outside again I can treat the passenger side weatherstripping with the graphene VRT. I took Wednesday off to have a day to scramble and honestly won't need it, so I'll probably be doing small things around the house.

Also will need to give the Durango a checkup. Nick is going to drive it home to valley forge as I'm coming home from Carlisle, so he can see his family for the 40th wedding anniversary party before starting his new job.
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 #393924  by First Lady
Printing the final paperwork for the weekend event and putting the final touches on packing.

We'll be heading part of the way tomorrow and finishing it off on Thursday. Excited to take the truck on another adventure!
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 #393925  by FIREM
Well our trip north was rainy, along with a monsoon or three at times. Traveling around, visiting family have taken their toll on the car.
“Dirt don’t stick to clean” most of the time.
Maybe a clean up today will help…..
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 #393926  by LUNAT1C
Weather report has been dancing around here. I'm sure it'll rain when I take the Durango out later to get oil for it, and I'm sure I'll hit a monsoon or six tomorrow.

Hoping to be on the road by 7 to beat rush hour school drop off traffic in West Bloomfield. I cleaned the factory bra last night after work, so hopefully that won't damage my finish like the LeBra did on the M and the Durango last year. Pack some water and personal items and be ready to go.
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 #393927  by First Lady
We’re on the road! Will see how far we get tonight before a quick sleep and hotel for checkin. Think we have everything…feels like a lot of stuff but also that we’re forgetting something!!

Can’t wait to see y’all!
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 #393928  by First Lady
And so it begins! Image
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 #393929  by FIREM
Ah yes the final rinse LOL.
Managed to swing by my favorite NJ car wash (Hand Wash machine rinse) today.
Some of the guys remembered me and the car! Some final preps for the trip tomorrow AM.
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 #393930  by First Lady
That’s awesome Bob!!!

We just spotted this gem headed north with us…Image
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 #393931  by TrepKing95
I'm proud of my progress, especially considering I started prep on Monday! Car is ready and 95% packed for the trip! Need to throw my cooler and "go-bag" in the back seat in the morning, and hit the road. Still trying to decide if I'll put the bra on this evening or wait until tomorrow morning to install. Really depends on if it's supposed to sprinkle tonight! See everyone tomorrow!!
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 #393932  by FIREM
Everyone travel safe, see all the early arrivals tomorrow!!!!
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 #393933  by LUNAT1C
Think all I need now is personal items, then I'm gone in the morning. Serviced and cleaned and waxed the Durango today so it'll be ready for Nick's trip on Monday, Jeep parked behind it so I don't need to play musical cars in the morning. Bra is on and car is packed, just waiting on some batteries to finish charging.

Current a steady rain here. Thunderstorms and 1-2" rain overnight (flash flood warning). Maybe all this rain will help keep the weekend reasonably dry? One can only hope.
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 #393937  by First Lady
Stopped in MD for the night! Quick sleep and will finish off the drive tomorrow.

Drive safe all!!
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 #393938  by LUNAT1C
This ship has officially sailed. See everyone in a few hours!
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 #393939  by TrepKing95
Just heard that wonderful growl of a 300M exhaust on startup; Shifter will be placed in drive and brake pedal released momentarily! See everyone soon!!!
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 #393940  by LUNAT1C
Quick stop, then onward to PA.
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