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 #394535  by M-Pressive
This is a just a quick reminder to all winners about their calendar page for next year. We are really under the gun to produce the calendar by the first week of December like the last couple of years. The past couple of calendars were the first produced early enough so they could be given as a holiday gift. I would like to have the same result this year.

We need to have some high quality pictures of each of the winners sent in a timely fashion, I don't want to have to delay the calendar or send in a low quality picture.

Please take the time to submit a good picture of your winning ride to myself over the next two weeks.

We have a great group of winners this year, lets highlight them to the best of our ability with some great shots.

Here is a list of all the winners, it will be updated once a picture is received.

COVER - Lindsey Jarvis- RECEIVED

Jan - Bruce Davis - RECEIVED

Feb - Michael White - RECEIVED

Mar - Patrick Rolling - RECEIVED

Apr - Charlie Bues - RECEIVED

May - John Smith - RECEIVED

Jun - Don Stolfi - RECEIVED

Jul - Keith Jarvis - RECEIVED

Aug - Cindy Cochran - RECEIVED

Sept - Ryan Severence - RECEIVED

Oct - Ken Eyler- RECEIVED

Nov - Ed Keim - RECEIVED

Dec - Robert Day - RECEIVED

I will start producing the calendar in early December

It can not happen without pictures from each of you though. Please get them in to us as soon as possible, the higher the resolution the better. Email them to

Thank you for supporting this program and for supplying the pictures quickly. BOD members will be sending PMs as well to remind all, some may call us a pest with them but the calendar came out great the last couple of years and will be the same quality this year.
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 #394578  by M-Pressive
We are close on the calendar pics.

We have a plan for the last three, it sounds like they are all in the works.

I will be producing all of the car image pages for the calendar on the 9th of December. The calendar should be available for purchase on the 10th of the month.

Ride of the Year will happen in January with all of the winners in the first post participating.