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 #394550  by M-Pressive
Hey everyone,

I am in need of some parts, will update this list as I figure out what else.

To start:

4 white plastic pieces that go into the body of the car and accept the door wiring harnesses. Mine are destroyed and I would like to replace them.
Center console wiring harness - needs to be from a car that has the lighter plug included
Dash Harness - needs to be from an 02 - yup, the entire dash harness - no cut wires
Foam insulation that goes behind the fenders (can be seen with the door open). Need passenger and driver side - I would buy new but they are gone. Need to be in amazing shape.
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 #394555  by FIREM
Added to my yard list.
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 #394566  by LUNAT1C
I'll check the console I have sitting in the basement right now, might have the full harness in it still.
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 #394576  by FIREM
Yarding tomorrow, Fresh Elcamino & G body GM's listed.
Will venture out to "Chrysler Land" and see what's available.
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 #394577  by M-Pressive
Appreciate you looking!

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 #394581  by LUNAT1C
I almost forgot until I went downstairs tonight to grab a replacement tail light bulb for the Jeep... My extra console has a full harness that you're welcome to. From a 2001 M I think, with console power outlet.
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 #394583  by FIREM
Sorry Yard trip was a bust for M parts, Super for ElCamino. Finally cut out a bed floor patch panel.
Will keep items on the yard list.
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 #394593  by First Lady
Great to hear Bob, awesome score!!
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 #394648  by M-Pressive
Found some stuff online and Bob grabbed me the white door pieces.

I still need: 2 foam pieces that go behind the fender to door area (have to be in amazing shape)
Dash harness - 4759953AD - Can come from any 02-04 300M/300M Special - No cuts or splicing in the entire harness.

I realize the harness is a big request. I can compensate for time spent on it if needed as well.

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 #394651  by FIREM
Still have a chance at a dash harness, just need to find the time to harvest one.
3) 02 Specials in the yard now
Looking like about a $65 fee at the yard.
 #394656  by StealthM
Keith. as long as those foam fillers are not torn, you can referb them to new by using plasti-dip in the spray can. My hood insulation was not damaged but looked a little long in the tooth. I cleaned it well then put a few coats of the plasti- dip on. Once dry it looks brand new. Best of all once sprayed it makes it waterproof, so if it gets dirty, just a quick spray down with water and your good to go.
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 #394659  by In-trepid
I could also use a couple of the foam fillers. I have two now, but they aren't in great shape. They appear to be 3/4 inch high density foam. I'm going to order a sheet from Amazon to see what it looks like. If it is the right stuff, I'm going to make my own.

As far as the dash harness goes, I have a couple of them lose from previous dash replacements. I'll check to see if they are modified or not. Probably won't get around to it until the beginning of the year.
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 #394665  by LUNAT1C
There are a couple of cars at the yard, Concorde and 300M. I was just told that Friday is a holiday for us, when I tried to schedule a meeting... news to me, but I might pop into the yard that day one last time for the year. We'll be in FL the following week.
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 #394958  by M-Pressive
Bump, still looking for an unmolested dash harness from an M (2002-2004).

Foam fender fillers as well.
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 #395134  by M-Pressive
Dash harness has been located.

Thanks John!

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