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 #395469  by Adrian63
Before I start throwing money at the car again I will try to figure this one out.

So after going to a random outdoor picnic aka in the middle of nowhere country road almost cornfield ,I got the right front wheel squeaking but it stops when I brake or when I let the car sit to cool down so I did the following:

1.Checked the braking fluid which was a bit under the line but its normal as the brake pads transferred themselves on to the rims (changed them last summer ,Bosch pads since I can't find other brake pads in Europe).Did this thinking its a sticking caliper or something. I also checked if the rim gets warm and it doesn't so its not a sticking brake caliper. It not pulling to a side so its not a stuck calliper.

2. Tried driving side to side to check if its the wheel bearing. I don't think it is because I already the wheel bearing to fail on the right side and when it fails its more of a rumble than a squeaking sound. This sounds like when you use the brakes and the pads are worn out ,but it sounds like that when I'm driving.

So what the heck is it now? Wheel bearing is new Mopar (its not Chinesium). Control arms are new (Mopar OEM) ,the only thing that's still stock is are the strut rod bushings ,I always forget to order them. What can squeak .I don't have the retaining clips installed because in Europe brake pads don't come with that . Could it be that the crap road moved the brake pad in the caliper? Its not squeaking when its cold.

P.S. Going out to check for the sound I noticed that 50% of the cars in traffic squeak like a kid when you beat santa on the street. Its not even funny ,before my wheel start doing it I found squeaking everywhere in the heck are these people driving their crap like that lol
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 #395470  by FIREM
There is a small metal “shield” on the brake bracket that hangs down protecting the ball joint boot from rotor heat. Bet is very close to the rotor. Bend it away from the rotor about 1/4” and enjoy the peace and quiet!

One of the oldest common quirks of these cars.
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 #395475  by Adrian63
Tried to pry it away from the rotor with a screwdriver but it fixed it for like 2 it returned. Screw this squeaky crap lol
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 #395478  by In-trepid
The piece gets rusty and swells with the rusty surface. some 60 or 80 grit sandpaper will clean the rust off and it will be fine if you can't bend it back a bit more.
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 #395480  by Adrian63
In-trepid wrote: April 14th, 2024, 1:47 pm The piece gets rusty and swells with the rusty surface. some 60 or 80 grit sandpaper will clean the rust off and it will be fine if you can't bend it back a bit more.
guess that will be the next thing to do ,was to tired today to remove the wheel and inspect it like that. The screwdriver trick almost did it but after I drove it again on some "roads" as the mayor calls them the squeak returned. I imagine its that part and i will have to bend it more or clean it properly. I will do it in few days because I also want to install some new sway bar links since the front end rattles like crazy and the car is all over the place ....yes all new crap in front and it creaks and rattles like I found it on the street. :(
 #395556  by RobNJ
Had an issue like that after going down several gravel roads. Turns out a rock got stuck between the above mentioned shield and rotor. Very weird, but thankfully simple fix.
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 #395557  by EasyRider300M
possibly brake wear indicator touching rotor ... icators%20(also%20known,designed%20to%20sound%20that%20way.

you may be able to get rid of the squeak by bending back the metal wear indicators if your pads have them. Also check pad thickness to see if they're close to needing replacement.