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  • A place for new and perspective members to get more information about the club.
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A place for new and perspective members to get more information about the club.

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 #1394  by glennbp
Come on folks - there are 853 registered members on this board, but only 512 300M Enthusiasts Club members!!! That means at the present time there are 341 of you basically getting all this incredible fun and information and you name it for FREE!!! Please join the 300M Enthusisats Club!!! Where else can you get all this for $14.95 a year? You spend more than that on a good lunch!!!

edit by EZ: the above message was from 2003--this message was edited by EZ on 5/28/10. We now have almost 1900 people who have joined the club over the nine years of its existence. That says a lot about the value membership provides.

You get access to the members only areas of the board including the Knowledebase that is full of How-Tos, a neat welcoming package, and a chance to buy some nice club duds and stuff from the club store. And it's only $14.95 for the first year and only $10 for renewals. And the club guarantees satisfaction or dues will be refunded. How many car clubs can say that!

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 #1395  by Carfan77
Join Here!

Join Us!

lots of benefits with membership
 #1396  by sdmike
yeah!! It costs us serious $$ to support the kind of posting volumes that we have here. Also, only members are allowed to buy our cool (and cheap) 300m gear and win prizes at our many meets. $15 is a small price to pay for a year of savings. And renewals are only $10. And if you don't save the price of membership in repair advice, the club will even give you a refund. Satisfaction guaranteed--JOIN TODAY.
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 #1397  by Carfan77
Hey Mike - it's a good thing we don't charge by the post - did you realize that your post volume alone is nearly 10% of total posts? You ARE the poster king! And now, back to our regular topic: PLEASE, JOIN THE CLUB!!! You'll be glad you did! :wink:
 #1400  by Blonda
Does anyone send email reminders when someone's annual membership expires? I just realized mine expired last month. I will renew ASAP. (Are there renewal forms? Guess I could go look....)
 #1402  by 300Monster
It's a valid question. Membership includes a very cool 300M Speedway decal, club membership card, club member certificate, access to club logo merchandise (thefore you can purchase them e.g. caps, golf shirts, t-shirts etc.) and grease and grime of club inside information. WE SAY AGAIN! JOIN THE CLUB FOLKS!"
 #1403  by Young300m
I would like everyone to know I just joined the club!
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 #1405  by Carfan77
Thank you Young300m, and welcome aboard.
 #1407  by Mike M
OK, OK, you talked me into it. I just renewed my membership. It was due this month. For those thinking about joining, it's well worth the $14.95 dues. If you can afford a $30,000 car, I'm sure you can afford 15 bucks a year. From the words of Nike.....Just Do It!
 #1408  by Young300m
How long does it usually take to get my welcome package?
 #1409  by 99300mricva
I do them once a week. It may already be in the mail.
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 #1410  by Tschibo00
OK, i'm sure this is covered already somewhere, but i'll ask anyway So, does the club membership work also for Germany? I'm especially concerned because of the payment. How will i pay the 14,95$. I've got no credit card. What are the options?
 #1411  by 300Monster
glad you are now part of the family.Welcome aboard Chrysler Airlines flight # 300 Link is provided below. You could send a cheque or money order. After you click on "Submit", you will be taken to a page that has the address to mail your check (if you chose that option) and a link to the online PayPal payment (if you chose that option).
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 #1412  by Tschibo00
Well, i wanted to join the club now, filled out the form and this is what i received about 30 minutes later: Hi. This is the qmail-send program at'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.
 #1413  by Rman
The reason I had not joined the club yet is I had a problem getting the paypal account to work. I live in Canada and the stupid paypal registration kept asking for my Zipcode. Anyway I am mailing a cheque today.Three down only 338 to go.
 #1414  by DKano
I joined the club about a month ago (member 485) and like other members have said, the information found here alone is well worth the $14.95 annual membership fee!
 #1415  by 300Monster
Hmm..Christoph - not sure what happened there. But I would suggest to go back to the main page of the club and click on How To Join then select Online Application Form.
 #1416  by Young300m
I join last night and the memeber reader is stil at 512 I should be member 513. What happens after I join example do I call or email stating that I'm a offical member? Someone enlighted a young cat like myself.
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