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 #66435  by Sixftundr
As everyone can see, I have updated the name of this topic since there is a large interest in a mountain meet. Y'all just start telling me some things (activities) to check into and I'll do it![/h4]

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 #66438  by Sixftundr
I am checking on a possible group discount for the Biltmore Estate. We would tour the house and then after we're done with that we could take a tour of the winery with free wine tasting. I have done this many times before and would highly recommend it. I'm not sure, but I am trying to see if we can park our cars up at the house and then after we're done, get a group shot of the cars in front of the Estate with the house as the backdrop. Just an idea...

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 #66508  by Sixftundr
Ok , I checked last night with my friend who helps run security at Biltmore Estate and he said that there is a group discount, but was unsure how much of a discount that they would give us. He also said that we could probably park our cars in front of the house to get a group picture. I will be calling today to find out what the requirements for the discounts are.

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 #66548  by Sixftundr
I'm still waiting on a reply back from the Group Sales Dept. at the Biltmore whenever I get that I'll post it.

 #66601  by geezer300M
We'll be there. Been having some browser glitches, hope this comes through.

 #66604  by geezer300M
Yeah! It worked. If there is anything I can do to help with this meet, let me know. I'm pretty far away but, I'll do it, if possible.

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 #66606  by Sixftundr
[serif]Cool!!! I'm glad this is coming together for everyone! Hopefully, today I will get a response from Biltmore...[/serif]

 #67102  by geezer300M
I saw an ad on tv from the Ashevile Area Tourists Bureau for info on things to do in that area, so I called and they are sending me a packet. I'll check it out for some side trips and let you know.
Looking forward to the Meet.

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 #67105  by Sixftundr

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 #67166  by Sixftundr
Ok, Biltmore Estate replied to me today. They said that they would give us a group rate of $35.00 per person if anyone is intrested. The catch is that we have to have a group of about 20 people to get the discount. That is the scoop as far as that goes. If anyone is interested, let me know.

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 #67167  by vegas
Is this for some kind of tour? Or an actual hotel stay? Either way, the wife and I are in, so you can add us to the 20.

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 #67169  by Sixftundr
It is a tour of the house/gardens and a tour of the winery with complimentary wine tasting.

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 #67170  by vegas
sweet, I love wine tasting.

 #67173  by geezer300M
Yep, I love wine tasting too but, then I will need a room. LOL
Sounds good, we are working on Shirl's vacation schedule to set this up. Should be good to go.

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 #67176  by Sixftundr
Cool! Rick, you can see what things there might be of interest in that brochure that you are getting and then post them on here.

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 #67250  by Sixftundr
Two questions for you guys......

1. Should we go ahead and start a list of who's coming?

2. How many days do you want this event to last. (Thurs-Sun), (Fri-Sun)?

 #67263  by geezer300M
I think Friday night through Sunday would be good. It's a little early for a list of names because things will change, I'm sure. It might give us an idea of interest though.

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 #67315  by Humanx
What are the activities? Any car stuff going on that weekend? ~Humanx :alien

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 #67330  by Sixftundr
I am still waiting for everyone to decide what they would like to do. Just tell me and I'll book whatever.

 #68038  by geezer300M
Finally got the info from Asheville C. of C. What a neat area! They have a list of events for the whole year and the weekend of June 12 is uneventful. Thats fine with me, less tourist traffic.
There are no automotive events listed.
Lots of music, craft, shopping, tours,etc.
This could be a great opportuity to eat, drink and be merry!
We would probably show up on Friday and head out to Myrtle Beach on Sunday.
Lots of places to stay.
Can't wait, hope this happens.
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