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 #80852  by BigMike60
Nice pics Robert. How can I get copies of 73, 74, 80, 89, 102, 121, 126, 127? If someone can order them for me I will be happy to pay for the processing and shipping.

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 #80881  by Sixftundr
Those are some really cool pics......I am using one of them as my wallpaper as we speak.....Can't wait for the SE meet!

 #80940  by tinman

What type of info do you have on the SE meet?

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 #80945  by Humanx
Last year we had a "mini-meet" in conjunction with the annual Southeast Mopar Meet. If there's interest, I could start a new thread with last year's flyer (to get an idea of what happens at the Mopar Meet).

Jonathon, Ben, and I expressed an interest during the Mountain Meet - any others interested?

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 #80952  by LandShark99
Atlanta, Hugh?

Shark's in!

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 #80972  by 300magnum
in sept. right if so i can clear some time id love to meet up with you guys againis there a site or somthing we can look at jon?

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 #80979  by Humanx
The Southeast Mopar event is September 9th and 10th at Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, GA. Here's a last year's link from Hayes Chrysler (a major sponsor); ... .asp?ID=24. I have last year's flyer to scan if anyone is interested. The 2005 flyers are due out soon. If either Ben or Jonathan had entered their cars in the Car Show they probably would have won their class (some 1st generation 'Trep won as it was the only entry). I think this year is the 23d year of this event.

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 #80984  by LandShark99
Kinda sounds like a southern Carlisle!

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 #81100  by Sixftundr
It is like a mini-carlisle. I had a great time last year, although I did get a bit sunburned setting there at the drag strip. If there is enough interest, then I think we should get the ball rolling on this one....

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 #81212  by Sixftundr
I have opened up a thread for discussion on the SE meet if anyone is interested......just in case you missed it.
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