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 #68211  by Humanx
Lots of music, huh? I'll bring my '27 Dobro! I think there might be a car event close to Asheville that weekend. I think I sent Jonathan some info/links on it. No idea if there is a track nearby. ~Humanx :alien

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 #68237  by Sixftundr

Rest assured this will happen. Even if it's only two or three of us there, granted there will probably be more than that, but it will still be fun if not.
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 #68311  by Phillip69
Hey Guys :D

I' am from New York but my brother lives in Charlotte N.C. I'm maybe will be able to go. How far is that from Charlotte. :idea:

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 #68337  by Sixftundr
It's about 2 1/2 hours from Charlotte. Not too bad of a drive.
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 #68371  by Phillip69
It sounds like a plan. :P I going to make very effort to go. :idea:

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 #68406  by mnitetrain
Been watching this thread. Been twenty some odd years since I've been down to Charlotte and Asheville. Got the wife down to Ocean City with only a promise of crab cakes, I wonder if fish fry would work for Asheville....somehow finger food doesn't mesh with the mansion tour and wine tasting,,maybe possum stew?? Love to make this but might be tough with Ocean City and Carlisle.

Then again twenty years for possum stew........

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 #68411  by Bill Putney
How 'bout a choice between possum stew and Brunswick stew?

 #68415  by geezer300M
How about some southern BBQ? Can't beat it. Catfish?

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 #68476  by mnitetrain
BBQ and or cat fish fry was what I was trying to think of__Brunswick stew??

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 #68484  by Bill Putney
Mnitetrain wrote:...Brunswick stew??
A really good thick stew usually made with lots of chicken, corn, chunks of potato, and other veggies (recipes vary - no road kill unless you're in West VA :wink: ). Endemic to Virginia and parts of North Carolina. Great taste and texture.

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 #68505  by LeftyTurner
Hey Putney, Don't knock our WV road kill until you try it.

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 #68511  by Sixftundr
Living here is SC, I haven't had Brunswick stew in a long time. It is mostly a Eastern NC dish, but there are some people who make it in western NC.

BTW, I will start a list of people in about a month so we can get an idea of how many people we'll have coming.

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 #68537  by Bill Putney
LeftyTurner wrote:Hey Putney, Don't knock our WV road kill until you try it.
What do you recommend? :)

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 #69595  by Sixftundr
Just a side note...... does anyone want to go over to Cherokee to the casino in addition to the Biltmore Estate? I may go for the food if anyone's going, but it's just a thought.

 #69596  by geezer300M
That's a great idea. I know some of our group would enjoy it. Shirl & I would also go for the food! We like slots but, that's about the extent of our gambling expertise. It would make a nice sidetrip.

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 #69597  by Sixftundr
Cool, I'll add that into the entertainment list. The Biltmore Estate is more of a Friday thing to do. On the weekends it is usually packed.

 #69836  by chipster
Would participate if costs and vacation allow.

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 #70577  by Sixftundr
Is there any particular hotel preference that anyone has? There are several in the area that I can check for group rates.

 #70579  by 99300mricva
I'll go where everyone else goes. I have no preference really. Go ahead and see what kind of deal you can arrange. Thanks. 8)

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 #70582  by Sixftundr
Will do! I should be up around there sometime towards the end of the month, so I'll check then.
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