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 #70651  by 99300mricva
I'll start this thread to see what interest there is. Ken (Carfan77) and I have loosely discussed a ride out to Chicago for the autoshow one weekend between Feb 11 - 20th. Anyone wanna go see the show? There should be a new Charger and the concept Firepower and much else to see.

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 #70687  by kumiyer
If we manage to get few members out of this club to go to the show, I am up for it. Would be a good place to check out all the cars and meet the club members as well. Check the entry fee, it's only $10/person.
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 #70688  by Timbo
Since I was born and raised in Chicago you can count me in. This would be a blast

 #70895  by 99300mricva
Anyone else?

CarFan77, what's your plan on when you wanted to go?

 #70920  by geezer300M
I usually go on Friday with a group of ex-300M owners. By the way, I think seniors get in for $5. Sometimes it pays to be a Geezer.
I heard somewhere that a private party bought part of the Skyway (?) and doubled the tolls. Anybody know the facts on that?

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 #70930  by Timbo
Geezer, That is correct. I am not sure when the increase goes into effect.

Robert, I was thinking we could drive out on Thursday the 17th and return on Sunday 20th. That would give us plenty of time to see everything on both levels.

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 #70977  by BLK01M
The Chicago Auto Show is now in the west building of the McCormick Place Convention Center, and is all on one floor now. It's much bigger and better than it ever was and now with everything on the same floor, much easier to see everything. Remember that the parking is about $10 on top of the entry fee. I live in the Chgo area and go to it every year with the family. This year I'll be looking for something to possibly replace the 300M in the spring.

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 #71144  by Carfan77
OK, here's our plan. Gary and I are leaving Wednesday, February 16th, and returning Sunday the 20th. We are driving his Hemi Durango rather than one of my M's in case we run into any crappy weather. We'll hit the auto show either Thursday or Friday (we want to do a weekday), possibly check out a few other things in Chicagoland, plus I want to meet up with a few folks I know out there, or try anyway.

Anybody who wants to tag along/caravan out, that's great. Fair warning: we will haul tail and probably drive all the way the first day. Meeting us out there is cool too. Anybody who will be there and wants to meet up, e-mail me at and we can exchange cell numbers.

Looking forward to the trip!

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 #71236  by Gorm
If you guys go up I might be game to come check out the show and meet some of you guys too.


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 #71293  by Carfan77
We'll be there. E-mail me and we can make sure we meet up.

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 #71326  by kumiyer
Anybody going to this auto show from Southern Illinois. I live in Carbondale, IL and want to go to Chicago, but unfortunately none of friends could accompany me because of their jobs. If anybody from Southern IL or living near Interstate 57 want to go to this auto show, they could ride along with me. I really hate driving by myself, could use the company.

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 #71600  by Timbo
Well guys I hate to say but I will have to pass on this one. Can't get the time off from work. Its to bad cause it would have been nice to see the family again.

 #73049  by 99300mricva
Unfortunately I have work conflicts with next weeks proposed trip to Chicago. Ken is still going and you guys might be able to arrange a time to meet at the show and get together for food and fun.

 #73050  by geezer300M
I'll be there Tuesday.

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 #73935  by Carfan77
Well, we are on the way, currently in Indianapolis, and will tour the Speedway tomorrow, off to Chicago for some good Pizza tomorrow night, and hit the auto show Friday.

Any Chicago-land folks around?