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 #73526  by rogor2k
It's ON! :lol: Many of you should have already received an electronic invitation (Evite) for this event.

Locations and times to be determined. We'll be (those who don't gamble) going to the Mopars at the Strip (http://WWW.MOPARSATTHESTRIP.COM) festivities on Saturday.

More details to follow as available.

Remember; What happens in Vegas . . . stays in Vegas :twisted:

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 #73532  by Carfan77
I got the evite! Very cool Roger, thanks. Wish I could make it all the way out for that. You guys will have a blast.

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 #73543  by rogor2k
It's only a couple of drivers and a few 5 irons (plus an airplane ride).

Don flew out for the 2003 event, and he wasn't even an officer then (hint, hint) :roll:

 #73608  by 300Michael
I hope to make this one, after missing the last one. As for the president I will be calling for a recount :P Thanks for the advance notice (need to finish a lot of half finished mods.).

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 #73622  by rogor2k
Oh Damn! :laser

There goes my only hope for the "Most Mods" award. I still hope you can make it, since I got Most Mods last time, only because you weren't here.

Get busy on those mods. :headbang

BTW, unless you want to spend hours in the line at Hoover Dam, take the alternate route. The Dam bypass construction is at max disruption, and backups are hours long in both directions.


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 #73629  by CinnamonGlazeM
Roger2K, received the invite. Very temping to make the trip down however a couple weeks later I will be at the Laughlin River Run, riding down from the NW to this event on my bike. But I will I keep this mind, there could be a possibility of making it. I would like to get to a meet sometime. The '03 meeting sounded like a ton of fun, from what I read on the forum.

 #73796  by 300Michael
Thanks for the waring on the dam. Might have to go up on the California side. Next mod {mental note}(make my M fly). I could drive up in the CRV :roll: instead. Hope to see you all.

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 #73802  by rogor2k
Hey, What the Heck?? :wtf

I haven't heard a word from the CoCal contingent yet. :soapbox

:roll: sdmike, blonda, jcgold, badfysh, glennbp; where are you guys??? What ever happened to Swampy? We need his live "news at 11" coverage. I can't support this event on the NV and AZ members alone. Does the word "CONVOY" conjure up any memories?

C'mon folks, lets get this thing rolling. Read your email for the Evite I sent to all of you. I need some signups here. You DON'T want Paulette and I driving down there to sign you up personally.


 #73855  by JCGold
JCGOLD will definitely try to make the Vegas meet. We had a great time. Plus, 300M needs to get out on the open road.

 #73916  by Blonda
Just picked up the E-Invite today. Will try to make it...was supposed to go to Vegas on the 4/15 with a friend but maybe I'll do this instead. Will keep you posted.

Yeah...whatever did happen to Brian (Swampy)?

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 #74150  by rogor2k
I appreciate the responses from those members who have committed to coming to the Vegas meet this year. Unfortunately, at this point in time, there are far too few of them. I also appreciate those who have said they would try to make it, but (and please don't take this personally) it's been my experience that less that half of those will actually make it.

I never thought I'd have to beg members to come to a meet in Las Vegas. This is still "The Entertainment Capital of the USA", right? In any case, I have to be realistic about this. In order to make the meet happen, there are time-sensitive things that have to occur (party planning, location, ordering of trophies, etc, etc).

If there aren't a LOT MORE firm commitments by the end of this month (February 28th) I have no real choice but to cancel the meet for lack of interest.

So, members, it's up to you. I'll work my butt off to make it happen, but not for a half dozen members, two of which are my wife and I.

IMO, the West Coast members seem to have lost that spark of enthusiasm for this Club. I don't know why that is, but it's more than slightly troubling.

Stepping down from my soapbox now . . . .

 #74409  by sdmike300m
sorry Roger, I won't be able to make it. I have other commitments

 #74607  by 300Michael
So far it doesn't look to promising. Maybe we can have it latter. Too bad.

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 #74688  by rogor2k
It's looking a lot worse than not promising. :disgust

We don't have enough members signed up to even have a decent poker game.

:astalavista :guillotine

 #74700  by codeMan304
It would be a blast to finally meet up with some of you California folks and get to know the cars on a more 'personal' basis, but I am on the east coast until the 30th of March and things will be close timing. One way or another, there really NEEDS to be a west coast meet, SOMEWHERE. It's getting so the east coast members are starting to make jokes about 'where are we'. Roger, you sound like a golfer to me. I'd love to see you at the Paiute Resort for a round and some car talk.

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 #74706  by rogor2k

I've played a few rounds of golf MANY years ago. I gave it up and took up bowling instead, for two very good reasons:

1. In bowling, the ball comes back to you (Duh)!
2. I have NEVER lost a bowling ball in a water hazard.

You're right about the need for a west coast meet. I don't know what happened to the enthusiasm. Hopefully it's just a case of scheduling and priorities. CA has more members than any other state. Our Vegas meet in 2003 was one of the most popular and most attended meets in the Club's history. Go figure!

 #74708  by codeMan304

"Thank you" for the reply, you are a man after my own heart, I don't post very often. A great deal of the questions I have are answered by other members in regard to what I might be asking. Between Bill Putney and 'The Donald' Scruggs, I always have the info I am seeking.

You GAVE UP Golf for BOWLING!?!?!?!?!?!????? That we would have to 'discuss'. While we have better than 255 courses available to play in Maricopa County, I would never give the game up because of losing 'the little white ball'. E-bay has provided me with about 10 dozen new balls for pennies on the dollar, and with what we have all learned as to how we could 'negotiate' on e-bay, I would guess there are always "new games to learn".

I will be sorry if this Meet gets canceled, but that's what is probably going to happen. I have had excellent conversation with Mike Sylva & had the genuine pleasure of meeting Donald Scruggs. HOPEFULLY, a Meet will happen on the west Coast and the true spirit of all us west coast members will be very evident. All the best to you and your Bride,
the MMMonster of the I-17 (Phx to Munds Park, that is) codeMan.

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 #74756  by rogor2k
Very reluctantly, [h3]IT's OFF![/h3] :monpython

Just not enough member interest. :soapbox

As loyal Chicago Cubs fans say, "maybe next year."