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 #81216  by Red Baron

Would you rather stay where we were on the boardwalk or pay a bit less for a NEW nicer hotel over off the island near Hooper's Crab house and the Go- Kart track

I need an answer by the end of June


 #81219  by maximman
what are the dates?

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 #81233  by vegas

being on the boardwalk was nice, but that hotel was pretty much a dump. Mine had lexan windows (too cheap to replace with glass), the a/c never worked real well, it kinda all had a moldy smell to it............

 #81239  by 99300mricva
That was the beach smell Pete. :?

I really like hearing and seeing the ocean where we were. Can we at least see and hear Assawoman Bay ( :lol: ) at the new place?

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 #81261  by Carfan77
When at the ocean, stay on the ocean...! Last May's hotel wasn't the greatest, but I sure like hearing the ocean and being able to take a walk on the beach right from the hotel. October should be pretty cool weather too.

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 #81292  by mnitetrain
Unless there is a HUGE price difference I would prefer the boardwalk area.

Beach is Boardwalk. Being right in the almost middle of everything without having to drive and fight traffic.
 #81414  by Joshuajelico
Personally, I didn't mind the hotel. So, without knowing how much of a savings we are talking, I would rather be on the beach.

It would take a pretty significant savings to make me change my mind.

How much are we talking about Don?

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 #81424  by Red Baron
Not that much. Maybe $10. The draw for me is the nicer, newer part.
 #81473  by Joshuajelico
Don, for $10, I would rather stay on the boardwalk.

 #81492  by Gaze
what, no one wants to stay at Frontier Land with Jen and I?

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 #81532  by Carfan77
Are you offering to share your tent??? 8)

 #81584  by Gaze
well actually Im not sure I'll be attending this years event, sadly.

 #81585  by 99300mricva
Gaze wrote:well actually Im not sure I'll be attending this years event, sadly.
:shock: :spankbutt :spankme :kickballs :jerkoff

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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 #81597  by Red Baron
We will be staying on the Boardwalk same as last year. Details to follow.

 #81656  by Gaze
as much as id like to go, the girlfriend's father is flying us all out to Cancun for his wedding. As much as i enjoy OC,MD i dont think it compares to cancun!
 #87336  by bagged300m
hey let me know the details and prices and ill see what i can do having just losing my job money is tight so ill try my best to make it but its 50/50