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Here are frequently asked questions about the 300M, our club and information about the website. The questions are organized by category, so you may either scroll down or jump to each by clicking the following links.

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About the Car

What is an LH car?
LH is the platform that the Chrysler 300M, Chrysler 300M Special, Chrysler LHS, Chrysler Concorde, Dodge Intrepid, and Eagle Vision were built on. LH-cars feature a longitudinally-mounted engine with a front-wheel drive drivetrain. This platform is what makes up all the cars in our club.

What about PHG/PHP?
The Performance Handling Group/Package (PHG or PHP) includes stiffer suspension, firm feel steering, improved brakes, V-rated Michelins, and no 118 mph top speed limiter.

What do the Check Engine Codes Mean?
Check Engine Codes can be found in the factory service manual or online, click here for a list of 2002 Codes.

Should I still consider a 300M when looking at used cars?
The 300M has seen a resurgence in recent years and is still a strong option to consider. Keep in mind the timing belt and water pump should have been changed per Chrysler recommendations (7 years OR 100k miles) or you will want to build this repair into the purchase price. The car is extremely reliable overall and can be had for a good price. The knowledge you gain here will help you to keep it running at its best.

How do I get part numbers if I need them for a repair?
Post your need of question on the forum and someone can give you the applicable information. Per our agreement with Chrysler LLC we are not allowed to post a link to the Factory Service Manual but we can always assist.

About the Club

How long has the club been around?
The club was first created on January 5, 2001 and has been a great place for LH enthusiasts to gather since.

Who helps guide the club?
The club is run by volunteers who offer their time in yearly increments. The Board of Directors are self nominated volunteers who make a formal commitment to guide the club into the future.

How many members are in the club?
We have had over 2500 members since the club was founded in 2001. The club is currently operating with about 300 active members and we are always accepting new people.

Where are your members from?
We have members from all over the world and are a true international club. 48 out of the 50 United States have been represented since the club’s inception and many foreign countries have also been represented.

The LH platform cars have not been made since 2004, is the club still vibrant?
Yes! While this may take you by surprise, we are the #1 source for all information LH and continue to be a vibrant organization. Many club members are eager and enthusiastic about these vehicles. Their knowledge and passion for these cars continue to propel the club into the future.

About Club Membership and Participation

Do I have to own an LH platform vehicle to join the club?
We are a club of enthusiasts and ownership of an LH is not required for membership. If you have a passion for any of the LH platform cars then you are in the right place!

What are the different levels of membership?
Anyone can join the forum for free. You are able to post questions once you sign up and register for a forum name. A membership to the club is $14.95 for the first year and renewals are $9.95 each additional year after that. This club membership give you access to members’ only portions of the website in addition to the forum.

Why should I join the club?
There are many benefits to joining the club which include help maintaining your car, modifying your car, or connecting with other members. There’s no better way to do these things besides becoming a member of the club.

What do I get when I join the club?
When first signing up for the 300M Enthusiasts club, you get a membership packet in the mail that includes a membership ID card, club window cling, certificate of membership, and welcome letter. You are also given access to our vast knowledgebase and become eligible for the Ride of the Month program in addition to other membership benefits.

I own an Intrepid, can I join the club?
Yes, the Intrepid has a lot of similarities with the 300M and you are more than welcome to join. The information we have pertains to the Intrepid as well.

I want to join the 300M Enthusiasts Club, where do I go?
You go to the application page to join the site. Fill out the application and send your dues through our automated system. Your membership packet will be mailed within a couple weeks but you will be instantly activated and able to enjoy all the online benefits.

About the Club Website

How accurate is the information posted on the website and forum?
We are club on passionate enthusiasts and providing the most accurate, current information is very important to us. It is about preserving the car and helping our membership complete repairs in a timely and concise manner. All information is continuously monitored for accuracy and is updated as needed so you can trust in the club to help keep your car running into the future. Give the club a try and you will see why it is such a valuable aid to you as an owner/enthusiast of an LH.

Can I sell an item on the club forum if I am not a member?
Only active paying members of the club are able to sell items on the forum. We do this to protect our membership from any issues that may arise from a transaction that is completed over the Internet. You do not have to be a paying member of the club to purchase an item.

What is ROM?
ROM stands for Ride of the Month. It is a monthly contest that highlights four members’ cars. The contest runs for seven days and any active member of the club is encouraged to vote and participate. Once the contest ends a winner is announced and they are featured on the front page of the website and are featured in the next year’s club calendar.

Does the club have meets?
The club organizes a couple of larger meets each year in Indianapolis, Carlisle, PA and Ocean City, MD. These meets are all about friends and fun, with very little emphasize on the condition of the cars. We are all friends that enjoy swapping stories about our rides and helping others keep theirs running. We also do a fair number of mini meets each year which allow us to hang out with other enthusiasts.

How do I get my car pictured on one of the club’s social media sites or on the website?
There is a good chance your picture will be featured somewhere for the club if you post it on the forum or on one of our different social media sites. If you have something specific in mind then you can post on the forum and the right person will help you. We like to keep these features current and enjoy to highlight all LHs.

What is this knowledgebase I see mentioned on the website and forum?
Our knowledgebase is the number one place on the Internet for all questions LH. We have detailed how-to threads for hundreds of repairs that will significantly save you in labor costs. They often include pictures and videos to aid in the completion of the repair. The knowledgebase is open to all paying members of the club and is one of the most important reasons why you should join the club today.

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