John Benjamin Memorial Virtual Car Show

John Benjamin Memorial Virtual Car Show

John always liked to say that time spent at the showfield was the show and time spent gathered in the parking lot was the meet. The meet was always his favorite! John was always one of the first to set up chairs, offer you a beer, and invite you to sit down and chat. As one of the many ways to honor our fellow member and think creatively of ways we can continue club events given the pandemic, we will come together where it all began and host a virtual car show!    

2020 has brought the world unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic. Life as we know it changed. While events have been canceled, rescheduled, and even held under Center for Disease Control regulations of social distancing and facial masks, our club membership took an additional hit to our hearts – the sudden loss of John Benjamin. In an effort to celebrate a life well lived, an amazing love for the 300M and this club, the John Benjamin Memorial Virtual Car Show has been created!

No miles added to your car to attend this meet! The annual event is open to all members of the club with any LH platform. All members are highly encouraged to participate and participation is completed through posting within a thread and accumulating ‘Likes’ on the post. 

Check out the details here and join the virtual show! Voting will take place from July 21-31st.

More details will be added as the show gets closer.

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