My Take on the Special – John Priest

I ordered my SPECIAL the very first day Chrysler was accepting orders back in November 2001. It arrived on January 9th! Quinn Motors parked it out front that day and waited for me to take delivery when I got off work around 5:00PM. They had to turn down three requests for a test drive for that specific car. This is a relatively small dealership as well.

I researched several other cars over a 6 month period and drove a few of them to include the new X-Type Jaguar and the Toyota Avalon. I also looked at The Lexus 300IS and the Acura S-Type. Granted, some of these cars had features the SPECIAL did not, but overall styling, performance, and value couldn’t compare in my opinion. I’m a high school teacher and am constantly asked by students for a “test drive”.

I was pleasantly surprised by the response by the young drivers as well as the older ones. They seem to especially like the sound of the dual exhaust! Mine is a black clear coat with taupe interior. It’s the only one in the county (pop. 9,000) right now but
interest is growing fast. It just turned 10,000 miles with zero problems. It’s been 10,000 miles of pure fun and luxury!!

John Priest
Mathews County, Virginia

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