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I purchased my 2002 300m Special on July 22, 2002. I fell in love with the M as soon as I saw it. I was finally able to purchase my first brand new car and wanted to make the right decision, so I drove a lot of different vehicles. Seville STS, Durango R/T, Hummer H2, Lincoln LS and the Special. For the money the special had everything I was looking for. The first special I drove was the blue colored one and I loved it, you could feel the power and the awesome sound that the duals gave off, not to mention how great the interior looked and felt to sit in. I drove it for about an hour and knew this was going to be my next car.

I went back to the dealership and started going through the brochure looking at colors and options. I decided I wanted the Bright Silver Metallic with the Light Taupe and Dark Slate interior. I also wanted the few options that were available to be on it. There were only three but I didn’t want to miss out on anything, so I told them I wanted everything included. The dealer searched their database and said they had found one in Rhode Island and would have to arrange a trade with that dealer. I left that day after ordering a Mopar spoiler to complete the look of my new car.

My car arrived a couple days later and I went to pick it up, the car was sitting in the front of the dealership with the spoiler already installed waiting for its new owner. I walked in to the dealer and he told me they had five requests for a test drive that day on my car. I drove away that day with a great car that I still love to this day.

My M now has 20,000 miles and over 50 modifications that I have done myself. I have a one of a kind car in my area and get stopped all the time with compliments. I love the looks and compliments I get and have even set up a website to share my knowledge of my m. I attended two 300m club events in 2003 and won 2nd place at the Carlisle Event. I have a few more big mods to do to my car and hope to debut it at Carlisle in 2004.

It is sad that they have stopped making the 300m, but it also ensures that there will not be many Specials out there. I would recommend this car to anyone who is looking for a little bit of everything in a car. Plus you could join this great club and enjoy being around other 300m enthusiasts.


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