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This page has an extensive list of frequently asked maintenance and repair questions about the Chrysler 300M, Chrysler LHS, Chrysler Concorde, Dodge Intrepid and Eagle Vision. The questions are organized by category, so you can either scroll down or jump to each by clicking the following links.


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Climate Control

How to reset the Chrysler 300M climate control?
Read this thread on the process for resetting your climate control. It is a simple set of instructions that will help you identify issues in your climate control unit.

What is the problem when a Chrysler 300M climate control display is not working?
Most likely the solder joints that connect the resistors to the circuit board are cracked. Cracked solder joints are not usually visible to the naked eye. The Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club has a how-to available to members which includes detailed pictures showing the steps to repair your existing climate control so that the display works. Join the club and save big by repairing the unit yourself.


What kind of oil does the Chrysler 300M use?
All years of the Chrysler 300Ms (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004) use 10W30 oil unless temperatures dictate 5W30. See the full discussion about what other owners and club members use as oil in their 300Ms in this thread.

Above 0°F (-18°C)                                            10W30
Below 32°F (0°C)                                             5W30

What is the size of the Chrysler 300M gas tank?
The gas tank in a Chrysler 300M is 17.0-17.2 US gallons depending on literature consulted. 2000 and earlier models typically have drain plug in the left side of the tank. The low fuel indicator typically comes on with 1.5 gallons remaining. To the best of our knowledge, the 1998-2004 fuel tanks in all LH models (Concorde, Intrepid, and LHS) are the same. See what Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club members are saying about the type of gas they put in their Chrysler 300M.

Are there Mopar ATF+4 equivalents?
Yes there are numerous industry rated licensed equivalents for ATF+4. Our members discuss why you should never mix transmission fluid types in this thread. Find an extensive list of equivalents here:

Engine Codes

What do the Check Engine Codes Mean?
Check Engine Codes can be found in the factory service manual or online, click here for a list of 2002 Codes.

What does Chrysler 300M error code P0608 mean?
Error code P0608 typically indicates a Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit issue. Vehicle Speed/VSS is derived from the transmission output speed sensor transmitted to the TCM and reported to the PCM. Symptoms would be the speedometer not working and/or the transmission defaulting into limp mode.

What does Chrysler 300M error code P1684 mean?
Error code P1684 is a report code (informational) only and has no symptoms related to it. It is an indicator that the battery or battery voltage to the PCM has been interrupted, lost, or dropped below 8.5 v in the last 50 start cycles, and/or the memory was cleared.

What does Chrysler 300M error code P1776 mean?
Error code P1776 indicates that the solenoid switch valve latched in LR position. There are many threads on this topic on the forum. We have found that the most common issue is related to the solenoid pack failure. A common symptom is a transmission operating in limp mode.

What does Chrysler 300M error code P0700 mean?
Error code P0700 is a transmission code which requires a code reader to obtain the specific code. TCM or TCM portion of the PTCM is reporting an transmission fault that must be read with a scanner to reveal the actual fault. Learn more about this and related transmission codes from club members related discussion in this thread.

What does Chrysler 300M error code P0339 mean?
Error code P0339 indicates that a crankshaft position sensor signal is intermittent or corrupt. Symptoms of this code may be a hard or no start, rough running, or lack of power to accelerate.

What does Chrysler 300M error code P0441 mean?
P0441 error code is an EVAP purge system performance emissions code and has no impact on performance nor any symptoms. Common cause of this error code is the NVLD switch located in the canister assembly. Read all about the repair codes and what it takes to replace the canister in this thread.

Engine & Transmission

What is limp mode in a Chrysler 300M transmission?
Limp mode is related to a transmission code and occurs to preserve the transmission when there is a substantial issue. While in limp mode, the car will only shifts into second gear allowing the car to only drive at reduced speeds. If an electronic fault occurs, the transmission will hydraulically lock in second gear only in any forward range. This allows the vehicle to be “limped in” for service rather than being towed. Many of our members have had experience with limp mode and have shared in this forum thread.

How do you change the battery on a Chrysler 300M?
To change the battery in a Chrysler 300M, it is recommended to use the access panel in the right front wheel well. Learn more about our club members’ experience with changing batteries in this forum thread.

How do I tell if my Chrysler 300M has a blown head gasket?
A blown head gasket in a Chrysler 300M is rare and more often is a less catastrophic issue. While determining what the exact issue is may be challenging, you can learn more about other potential issues that behave like a blown head gasket in this club thread.

Why does my Chrysler 300M smell like gas?
Check the plastic line behind the plenum as they develop small cracks that are hard to see but a strong smell of gas is a key indicator. Our best recommendation is not to drive the car until you investigate thoroughly. Read more about the issue and find out how to repair it.

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