Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Fall Meet

2022 Fall Meet – Cruisin’ the Beach

The 300M Enthusiasts Club will try a new event this fall in Myrtle Beach and attend Cruisin’ the Beach Car Show, held at Broadway at the Beach October 6 – 8. While this is the first time we will attend this meet, it is not the first time it’s being held and is made up of multiple events throughout the weekend each running 8am to 6pm. You can register at the event for $40 or pre-register for $30 by mailing in this form. Checkout the event website for a few more details.

There won’t be an official club hotel as prices can get very expensive. Please plan to look on your own and book a location that works best for you. However, we will plan on dining and playing together throughout the weekend.

The Fall meet is much more casual of an event with a smaller group of club members who attend. It’s always a great time to wrap up the summer and see each other for laughs and a great time. Add your name to the forum and keep an eye out for plans discussed there!

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