Photo Albums

The Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club utilizes Fotki for all its photo albums. We have thousands of pictures that have been uploaded since we started using this service in 2006. The pictures stored here help to keep the history of the club alive and create a visual archive. Pictures include meet happenings, knowledgebase details, forum updates, and member photo albums.

One of the many benefits of joining the club is the creation of a folder that allows the member to store photos of their car for sharing with fellow members and to participate in contests. Each member can easily add their photos to their own folder and share them with the rest of the club. The folders are kept secure and uploading photos is easy to complete by following the steps listed below. We also have instructions here on how you share the pictures with other members on the forum.

Club Fotki Page

Upload Photos to FotkiView & Share Photos on our Forum
Follow the directions below to email photographs to your club Fotki folder. The example is based on an Outlook email account and yours may looks different but the action steps are the same.Follow the directions below to view and share photographs on the forum from your club Fotki folder.
  • Access the forum index page
  • Log in
  • Scroll to the Who is online section at the bottom of the page and select your forum name
  • Access the club's Fotki Albums page
  • Select the Active Members Albums With Pictures folder from the directory
  • Take note of your member number listed in the profile
  • Scroll to your member number and corresponding member Fotki folder
  • Click your member number/name link
  • Open a new email message from your email account
  • In the To line enter 300mclub+****, where **** is your four digit member number
  • For member numbers that are not four digits, include leading zeros as needed. Be sure to include the plus (+) sign

  • In the subject line enter a name for the pictures, pictures will not upload without a subject
  • Review your pictures by using the page scrolling function
  • Newest pictures are last

  • Select the picture you want to share
  • Click the attach file button of the email
  • Click the share button above the picture
  • From the box that opens click the More sharing options button
  • Locate the desired picture
  • Select the picture
  • Click insert
  • Repeat for a maximum of three pictures per email
  • If more then three pictures need to be uploaded, send additional emails
  • Leave the setting above the picture on "album size"
  • Select all text in the Code for forums line
  • Be sure to capture entire text as it scrolls to the right
  • Confirm successful attachment to the email
  • Send the email
  • Right click the selected text and select Copy
  • In the club's Fotki account successfully uploaded pictures will activity in the new and updated albums section
  • This may take a couple of minutes to show up depending on file size
  • Access the forum index page
  • Log in
  • Navigate to the forum location you desire to post, open a new topic or reply to existing thread
  • Right click in the text box and select Paste
  • Once you have concluded your post, click submit
  • Your picture is successfully posted

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