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The Ride of the Month contest is way to highlight club member’s cars and showcase some amazing rides. Monthly contests are divided into categories to allow for like cars to complete. Participation is voluntary but all members will be considered for Ride of the Month contests. Administered by the Ride of the Month Coordinator, these contests are voted on by the current membership and contest winners make up the car images in the annual club calendar.

Past Years Winners
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Past Ride of the Year Winners
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Ride of the Month (ROM) Contest Rules
Eligibility: To be eligible for the Ride of the Month contest, both voting and car participation, you must be a current dues paying member of the 300M Enthusiasts Club. Additionally, for the Ride of the Month contest participation, you must currently own an LH Model Mopar product.

Pictures: Contest nominees must have relevant pictures on Fotki (either placed there by the individual or the by Ride of the Month Coordinator). If the nominee desires a specific picture to be used for the main contest thread, please contact the Ride of the Month Coordinator. If this image needs to be uploaded to Fotki, the coordinator will upload the picture for you. It is preferred that the original pictures for the nomination process be High Resolution images (300dpi minimum, 3.0 megapixel). Upon request, monthly winners MUST submit High Resolution pictures for the next year’s calendar no later than December 1st of the winning year. Failure to do so could result in a picture being selected for you or complete omission from the calendar.

Participation: About a week prior to the contest participants will be contacted to compose a car summary write-up. This is the participants chance to promote their car to the club voters. Feel free to share any information you wish the voters to know including descriptions, modifications, web sites, awards received, etc. Please limit this to information about the car itself. Once the monthly contest thread is started, participants may post this information and any other pictures they want to share to that thread.

Ride of the Month Contest: The contest thread will be created by the Ride of the Month Coordinators. This will include the four participants (member name, member number, username, location, picture, and general car information). The contest will run for seven days from the creation of the thread with the voting poll open for the duration of the contest. Once the contest thread is open, the participants can post their car summaries. The only allowable posts in this thread will be from the Ride of the Month Coordinators and the contest participates. All other posts will be deleted without notification.

Winners: At the conclusion of the seven day voting period, the participant with the most votes will become the winner for that month. The Ride of the Month Coordinators will create an official Winners thread to announce the Ride of the Month winner. For winning the contest, the winner will have their car’s photo on the corresponding month of the following year’s 300M Enthusiasts Club Wall Calendar. Also, the current winner will be highlighted on the club’s home page with the current Ride of the Year winner and highlighted on the Ride of the Month page following the winning month. Each winning member will also receive an award highlighting the win. This vehicle, not member, will be removed from future eligible contests for the next 12 months. The other contest participants will be eligible for nomination and may participate in the Ride of the Month contest after a two month waiting period.

Tie: In case of a tie, the Ride of the Month Coordinators will decide the winner or decide to split the tie and award the next month’s contest to one of them. This decision has many factors but circumstances may dictate a different end result from month to month. Within 72 hours of the end of the contest the winner(s) will be announced through a winners thread.

Ride of the Year (ROY) Contest Rules
Eligibility: In January of the following year, a Ride of the Year contest thread will be setup comprised of the monthly winners from the previous year. The participants in this contest include all of the winners from the previous 12 months. Voter participation is allowable for all current members but participation in the Ride of the Year contest does not require still owning the willing LH vehicle. This contest will be allowed to run for 15 days.

Participation: The Ride of the Year participants will be notified a minimum of one week prior to the beginning of the contest. This will allow time to compose an appropriate car summary. This write-up should include any updates to the car since the nominee won their respective contest. The same picture that was used in their respective winning contest will be used but an alternative picture may be used if provided.

Tie: In the case of a tie for Ride of the Year, a separate contest will be setup. This will be a five day contest between the participants that were involved in the tie. No additional information will be required from the participants. The member with the most votes at the end of five days will be declared Ride of the Year. In the event of an additional tie, the Ride of the Month Coordinators as mentioned above for the Ride of the Month tie breaker will decide the winner. Within 72 hours of the end of the contest the winner will be announced through the Winners thread.

Winners: The winner of the Ride of the Year will get an award from the club. The winner will be highlighted on the club’s webpage for the entire year as well as on that year’s page of winners. The winning car will also be on the cover of the following year’s calendar.

Please feel free to contact Keith (M-Pressive).

Good luck!
2023 Ride of the Month Coordinators

Last Modified – March 2023

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