My Take on the Special – Roland P. Musselman III

Today she turned 3777 miles since the August 14, 2002 adoption. She came with almost every available accessory in the Mopar book, (No $1800.00 GPS). Of all the Chrysler accessories available the rear spoiler is the best. It looks great, is an easy do-it-yourself installation, and at night it blocks the headlight glare from the car behind you. I would highly recommend this addition to the deck-lid.

Inside using double-sided sticky tape is Walmart’s cheapest smallest CB radio under the dash and above my right knee. A magnetic Barjan inexpensive loaded antenna sits on the roof. A total cost of less than $100.00 and it gets out (this is for real) SEVEN miles. Verified by the “yard-stick” numbers on the Interstate. I’d never believe it, and it fits under the dash.

The Special has the capacity of a solid 20 MPG, and the even greater
capacity to turn heads. Thank you for having me and my Blue ’02 300 M SPECIAL as members.

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