My Take on the Special – Tim Bonnell, Sr.


I ordered my 300M Special from Steven Chrysler in Wichita, KS on Saturday, December 1, 2001. The general manager, Alan Pierson put the order into the Chrysler computer while I watched. I took delivery on February 22, 2002. They had first advised me of the upcoming Special model in August of 2001 and gave me some preliminary information. We thought it would have the 300-horse power engine as the concept car did, but I understand the planned transmission may not have been up to it.

I am very happy with the quality and handling of the Special. My Special is Bright Silver Metallic, with the Taupe interior. Options added include the Sunroof, side impact air bags as well as the color-coded Mopar rear deck spoiler the dealer installed upon delivery. I did not purchase the smokers’ option or the winter-engine heater. Total MSRP was $33,880 plus $245 for the rear deck spoiler. I was able to deal on the car with Steven Chrysler. The Special accelerates better than the 1999 300M, and seems to have higher RPM shift points. The dual exhausts are noticeable in sound especially during the shift in gears at rapid acceleration. So far I have driven the Special 3,000 miles.

The only problems I have had with the car is a squeal in the front RH disc brake during hard right turns which we have been unable to remedy yet, and a broken RH side mirror during an ice storm when the mirrors were frozen and tried to lower automatically when I backed. The whole unit, not just the mirror had to be replaced, but Chrysler covered it under warranty. I have since turned off this feature. The dealer, Steven Chrysler is a Five Star dealer and treats me very well.

I traded in a 1999 300M which I had purchased from the same dealer on New Years Eve 1998. I was completely satisfied with this car except maybe for the original Goodyear tires, which were replaced at 20,000 miles with Michelins. While this car had many good miles left I was excited about the enhancements to the Special and wanted to be one of the owners to have this limited production model.

I had purchased new Plymouth and Dodge products in 1970 and 1975 but the K-cars of the eighties did not impress me at all. After one 1982 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cierra and 2 Ninety Eights, 1985 and 1990 models, I was excited by the 1994 Chrysler LH models, particularly the LHS. I purchased a new one in February of 1994. This was one of the best cars I ever owned and I would have to say that I am a completely satisfied owner with the 300M’s as well.

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